Staging is a marketing tool. In much the same way retail stores create interesting vignettes and displays to showcase their goods, Impact Home Staging Experts uses staging to merchandise a property as a ‘product.’  We see the property through a buyer’s eyes.  Our stagers create a property that looks warm, inviting and appealing to prospective buyers.

Staging is finally getting much-deserved recognition as a valuable tool, with the popularity of television programming about home staging, decorating and the real estate market.  Shows such as HGTV’s “Designed to Sell” and A & E’s “Sell This House” all showcase how staging can create dramatic improvements on a small budget.

The process of home staging can include home organization, improving curb appeal, re-positioning furniture and de-cluttering accessories.  The staging process will also consider paint color and decor. Professional staging recommendations may include home repairs and fixture updates.

Staging a property with Impact Home Staging Experts will help prospective buyers visualize their lifestyle in the property. Our professional stagers accomplish this by making a property appeal to the majority of buyers.  Successful home staging will assist in selling a property quickly, for the highest market value.  Staging also helps alleviate possible price ’deductions’ – which directly contribute to the seller getting the highest value for the property.  Home Staging Works! 


Create a powerful first impression

Adds ‘WOW’ factor

May get a higher appraisal

Get the best price for a property

Increase Realtor interest

Set your home apart from other neighborhood listings

Create better MLS photos and marketing materials

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