Request A Consultation

Request a Consultation

All design and occupied projects begin with a Consultation.


Merchandising Consultation

A home staging consultation provides sellers with valuable insights on how to effectively merchandise their home and turn it into a more sought after product.  During the consultation process, one of our expert merchandisers will identify the likely buyer for the property.  The merchandiser will then help determine the best strategy to expand saleability, to the greatest number, of buyer candidates.  Talking points will include: possible buyer objections, floor plans, paint colors, cost effective repairs and/or updates, decor editing and more.  Upon completion of consultation, the consultant  will be provide a summary of the meeting, including a list of priorities that will provide the highest rate of  return on investment (ROI).


Design Consultation

During the design consultation process, one of our expert designers will identify specific design goals for the property.  Design ideas are shared openly in order to identify project priorities and style direction.  Talking points may include: paint colors, style trends, space planning, function, etc.


If additional help is needed to implement a plan, Impact Home Staging Experts can provide referrals for Trades, as needed.


Consultation times are Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.  Saturday 9:00 AM OR 11:30 AM.  The last appointment available on a weekday is 5:00 PM (consultant needs up to 2-hrs onsite).  Final appointment time will be confirmed by consultant within 24-hrs of receiving this form.
A merchandising expert will contact you to confirm the consultation date and answer any questions you may have, within 24-hours of receipt of request.  Payment can be made by credit card (MasterCard or Visa) or by check.
Payment for consultations needs to be be made on, or before, consultation date.*
*Impact Interior Design Solutions, LLC requires a 48-hour cancellation notice or payment will be forfeited.
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