Staging Myths



Myth #1: Staging is Decorating

Fact: Staging is NOT decorating.  Staging is de-personalizing and preparing a house for sale. Staging is a marketing tool.

Myth #2: Staging is Too Expensive

Fact: The investment in staging is always less than a price reduction. Stagers have been trained to work with a Sellers’ budget and time frame to properly stage a house.

Myth #3: I Can Just Watch One of Those Shows…

Fact: Shows on HGTV and TLC give Sellers the idea that they need to do something to their house to prepare it for sale, but Sellers cannot truly be objective in a house they have been living in. They need a third party independent opinion to get it properly Staged.  Accredited Staging Professional’s (ASP) have the experience and ideas to help Sellers get their houses ready; we honor our clients, and work closely with Realtors to help get a house sold. (

Myth #4: Buyers Can See Beyond My Decor Selections

Fact: Most buyers cannot see beyond the stuff. Even if they can, they will offer you less in the final offer. The house has to be perceived as lovingly cared for, and decor choices do matter. Decor selections need to be fairly neutral, and be positioned in such a way the house is what is remembered vs. the stuff. Every house gets a “label” – what will yours be?

Myth #5: It is More Cost Effective to Just Take a Markdown to Sell My House

Fact: When you handle the objections ahead of time, you get to choose how much they cost. When those mental deductions are removed, sellers get higher priced offers.

Myth #6: I Will Save Money, if I Do the Work Myself

Fact: If you are not a good painter, hire one. Doing projects yourself (if you are not good at them) will cost you time and more money. Sellers need to make sure repairs can be done quickly and correctly. Time is money (taxes, overlapping expenses, utilities, carrying costs, etc). So if it takes you 6 months to get ready to sell; what is the overall cost of that decision? If you look at a market value depreciation of 2%, a 200,000 house would be worth $2000 less in 6 months. In this example, that $2000 would be better invested in helping you towards your ultimate selling goal.

Myth #7: Staging Alone is the Magic Answer

Fact: There are many factors that affect a sale. Prepared sellers are more likely to enjoy success faster. It takes many tools to sell a house fast, successful sellers use all of them.

Myth #8: Repairs and Updates Are a Cost of Selling

Fact: Repairs and updates are the cost of living in your house. Differed maintenance items will cost you more if not handled in advance of selling your house.

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